1. What is

We are the Asian first media entertainment site for various type of video clips that available from YouTube broadcasting and photographs showcases. is sole owner of the services only, all the videos, movies and media content are origin from their respective owners.

2. What is the vision of

We entertain our visitors with various types of videos especially from YouTube and photographs. Everyone can submit videos and photos that are worth to tell everyone in the World.

3. How can I submit a video?

Go to "Submit Media" and select "Submit Video" then enter the YouTube video then click on "Preview" before submit for approval. You can provide various search type in the text box, such as Keywords; YouTube's Video ID; or the exact URL of YouTube's Video. We approve it within few days for the appropriate submission.

4. Can I submit other video rather than YouTube's videos?

No. We only support for YouTube video clips at this moment.

5. Why need to register?

Although registration is not necessary to watch the videos, as a member, you can

1. Watch the video without "Share and Play".
2. Add favorite videos and watch later on.
3. View a list of videos you have submitted.
4. Possible to participate on contest to win prizes.

6. I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

Go to login page and click on the "Forgot your Password?" link. Then fill it the username you have registered before, and we will send you a link to reset your password.

7. Can I retrieve my old password if I forgotten?

No, since we store your password in encrypted format and we are not able to revert back your original plain text password, so you can only reset your old password by enter the new password.

8. How can I track the videos I have submitted?

First, you must login as member before submit the videos, so the system can track the videos you had submitted. Also, you can view all your submitted videos at "My submitted Media" listing after you logged into the system.

9. How can I add videos to my favorite list?

When you are watching a particular video, you can add/ delete it to/ from your favorite list by click on "Favorite" or "Remove" icon. Also, you can view all your favorite videos at "My Favorite Media" listing after you logged into the system.

10. How can I submit a photo?

Browse to Submit Media menu, then select "Submit Photo" and upload a photo with detailed information associated with the photo (If necessary).

11. Can I submit any kind of photos?

We do not accept any photos with nudity, sexual, violence or copyrighted photos that belong to other parties. Prevent to steal other site's copyrighted photos or the photos with watermarked.

12. If I notice the photos that showcases on this site are copyrighted to me?

Please contact us as soon as possible for removal or you can keep your photos at our site with your Credits to the photos such like your name, website, links and detailed information.

13. What are the sizes of photo accepted?

We allow the photos size to be smaller than 2MB and our editor will adjust the size and resolution to be smaller that suitable to be showcased on the Photo section.

14. Is registration needed before submit media?

It is not necessary to register as member before submit media. But if you submit media after you logged into the system and then you can keep track your submitted videos and photos at your member area.

15. Why the system notifying me when I want to submit media (Video and Photo)?

We keep you informed that you are not logged into your system, so whatever media you submitted with be marked as anonymous.

16. Can I add the photos into my favorite list?

Yes, you must log into the system then you can click on "Favorite" icon to add media (Videos and Photos) into your favorite list. You can remove them from your favorite list at any time.

17. Why the photos I submitted are missing?

We reserve the rights to remove any Videos and Photos that showcases on the site at any time. This might because someone reported the related media (Videos or Photos) are proved copyrighted to them.

18. Why there are ten stars right below the photo showcases?

It is for anyone to rate the photo.

19. What is the "points" defined right below the photo showcases?

It is the total points earned by particular photo and it is depending on total views and total rates of the photo. In the other words, the higher points, the best of the photos are.

20. Can I share the Videos and Photos with my friends?

Yes, you can use the social site icons below the video or photo showcase to email to your friends or share on your favorite social networking sites.

21. Any more questions to ask?

Please "Contact Us" for any inquiry.